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Immigration is #1 Issue for Registered Voters

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

immigration progress

Immigration reform is the most important issue among voters. Candidates that push for sensible immigration reform will benefit in the 2020 elections.

Come on Republicans and Democrats! Listen to the voters! An overwhelming majority of voters want you to pass sensible immigration reform.

Texas Republican lawmakers have been listening to us and are calling for members of Congress to work together on an immigration bill.

  • Senator John Cornyn said, It's time to put politics aside and start discussing real solutions.”

  • “I urge my Democratic colleagues to reach across the aisle and meet us halfway – we need reform, not rhetoric,” said Representative Kevin Brady.

  • Representative Michael McCaul explained that he voted against the House-passed Dream and Promise Act because it only addresses part of our failing immigration system and does nothing to improve border security. “I call on my colleagues to come together,” he said, "Otherwise, we are kicking the can down the road on the tough immigration issues that we were sent here to address."

As I've been saying, we can put two bills together and arrive at a sensible solution. Either Cornyn’s HUMANE Act or the President’s immigration plan would couple nicely with the Dream and Promise Act. Our US Senate could lead the way by passing a combination of these bills.

Sensible immigration policy would secure the border and create a method for undocumented workers to earn their legal status so we can ID and tax them properly. Partisan bills with no chance of passing are not sensible.

Please contact senators and representatives of both parties and ask them to work together to pass a sensible bipartisan immigration bill.

May God bless you, and may He continue to bless America.


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