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We support immigration reform that will enhance our national security, discourage misclassification of workers (falsely calling them independent contractors), grow our taxable legal workforce, and deter future illegal immigration. 


The solution is simple. 

After securing our nation's border, Congress must adopt a way for the eleven million unauthorized immigrants living and working in America to earn their legal status. They should be required to provide a positive ID, pass a criminal background check, pay fines, provide proof of employment and proof of US residency for at least five years, learn English, and agree to work only for employers that deduct and match taxes. 


This policy will reverse the current situation in which any non-taxpaying illegals and corrupt employers are subsidized by ethical American businesses and taxpayers. American workers will once again have the kind of solid footing they need to compete in the labor market, and ICE and border patrol resources will be used more efficiently to pursue the actual violent criminal aliens and MS-13 gang members who are looking to do us harm. With the US economy at 3.9% unemployment, and American businesses struggling to sustain their workforces, both will benefit from this increase in legal workers.


Norman Adams portrait

Norman is a Co-Founder of Texans For Sensible Immigration Policy.

He is President of Adams Insurance and a Certified Insurance Counselor ("CIC"). He has more than 50 years of experience in the insurance industry.  Norman represents hundreds of employers, from “mom and pop” shops with two dozen employees to multi-million dollar accounts with thousands of employees.  

Norman has been an active force in Texas tort reform and a fierce foe of lawsuit abuse.  He has worked with politicians on both sides of the aisle for a fix to our broken immigration system.   He was a founding director of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse which helped win the victory for tort reform in Texas.  He has been a lifelong supporter of life and family causes, and has served as President of Our Savior Lutheran Church for more than 40 years.


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