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The “Rest of the Story” on the American Dream and Promise Act

My wife of 56 years and I were fortunate enough to attend Our Savior Lutheran School, grades 1 through 8 together where we were blessed with elementary teachers who insisted we listen to Paul Harvey every day. Believe me, we learned to be anxious to hear the “rest of the story.”

The US House of Representatives recently passed the American Dream and Promise Act of 2021. Unfortunately, many of my favorite talk show hosts on Fox News and Newsmax have been calling this bill “amnesty.”

So now, “the rest of the story…"

The American Dream and Promise Act does not grant instant citizenship. It includes a conditional method for DACA recipients, certain unauthorized immigrant children, and immigrants with temporary legal status to earn permanent legal status. Only after being positively identified, passing background checks, working and paying taxes, and learning English and US history, could these folks apply at the back of the line for citizenship. In other words, the quickest that any of them could obtain citizenship would be 8-9.5 years!

Many of the people who would be eligible for this bill have already been abiding by our laws, speaking our language, and working and paying taxes for years. My good friend Charles Foster predicts that less than half of the immigrants who earn permanent legal status through this bill will ever take the final step of obtaining citizenship.

Let’s ID and Tax these folks and keep them out of the underground economy!

Please continue contacting your senators and asking them to pass BOTH the American Dream and Promise Act and Farm Workforce Modernization Act.

Contact Senator John Cornyn here.

Contact Senator Ted Cruz here.


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