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Hold on to Your Workforce; You’re Gonna Need These People

Certainly Dr. Fauci’s success in fighting Aids is well known and respected. Hopefully, he will assist in finding a vaccine for Coronavirus. However, some of his projections, like the original 2.2 million predicted US deaths are not helpful. They are fueling the panic and harming our economy. The latest model predicts 100,000-240,000. I hope and pray those numbers are high too.

On Wednesday I heard Rush Limbaugh talk about some interesting statistics. According to, when looking at worldwide deaths from January 1 - March 25, 2020, there were an estimated:

  • 21,000 deaths from coronavirus

  • 113,000 deaths from seasonal flu

  • 228,000 deaths by malaria

  • 249,000 deaths from suicide

  • 313,000 traffic fatalities

  • 391,000 deaths from HIV/AIDS

  • 581,000 alcohol-related deaths

  • 1,162,000 smoking-related deaths

  • 1,909,000 cancer-related deaths

  • 2,382,000 starvation-related deaths

  • 9,900,000 deaths by abortion

Wow, that really puts things into perspective. Do you think we might be overreacting?

Thankfully, the number of Texas cases of COVID-19 is growing slower than in places like New York, and some studies suggest that warmer weather could help stop the virus. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but praise the Lord for our hot Texas summers!

We all need to pray for the continued success of efforts to treat and cure those infected as well as a vaccine for the future. President Trump seems to be doing everything possible to speed up access to viable treatments.

Lawmakers provided legislation in the CARES Act to help businesses retain their employees during the shutdowns. I encourage all eligible business owners to look into the Paycheck Protection Program, which is supposed to provide forgivable loans equal to 250% of monthly payrolls to businesses with less than 500 employees. You can apply through your current bank or lender now.

Employers will need their workers for when the shutdowns end. Remember, before this pandemic our economy was blowing and going! In January this year, we had seven million job openings.

It seems optimistic to me, but Goldman Sachs just predicted the US economy will have its best quarter ever in Q3 of this year!

In the meantime, if you are sick or showing symptoms, stay home. But if you are healthy and can deliver groceries or do a favor for friends in need, please offer your help.

Right now these shutdowns are weighing heavily on our businesses and economy. I pray for everyone who is suffering, and I hope the shutdowns will end sooner than expected.

Let’s pray the “models” used by Doctor Fauci prove to be over-exaggerated!

God bless America!


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