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DACA Update: It's Time For Congress to Make a Deal

Early reports speculate that the Supreme Court will likely rule that either that President Obama did not have constitutional authority to create DACA, or that President Trump had the authority to rescind it. President Obama exercised his DACA executive order only after asking Congress to legislate the issue. President Trump on more than one occasion asked Congress to adopt legislation saving the 700,000 young adults from losing their legal status and work permits.

Back in September of 2017,  President Trump made it clear that rescinding President Obama’s executive order would give Congress six months to “do its job” and “legalize DACA” by passing legislation to allow the benefits of DACA to continue and to improve border security.

However, Congress was temporarily let off the hook when Federal Judge William Alsup issued a nationwide injunction in January of 2018 to block the rescission of the Program, which ultimately led to the case in the Supreme Court today.

Here we are two years later and Congress has not passed a solution.

The Supreme Court expected to issue a ruling on DACA between January and June of 2020 (during election season). The pressure is back on for lawmakers to pass a legislative solution that the overwhelming majority of their American constituents support.

Lawmakers should work together on a bipartisan bill that combines a method for DACA recipients and Dreamers to earn their legal status.

Come on Congress, let’s make a deal!

Please contact your lawmaker and ask that they work on passing sensible immigration policy.

May God bless you, and may He continue to bless America.


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