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Congress, Follow The President's Lead on Immigration Reform

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Dear United States Representatives and Senators,

US Capitol Building

As Texas business men and women, we hail from many different political and cultural backgrounds, but are united in our position that the recent and continued congressional impasse on legislation to fix our nation’s broken immigration system threatens our nation’s security and economic growth. We wish to affirm our shared concern on this matter as we seek sensible immigration reform in the best interest of all Americans.

Together we are grateful for the recent progress achieved on tax reform, and we ask that you come together again to pass legislation that will first and foremost secure our nation’s border, but also provide unauthorized immigrants brought to the United States as minors, known as Dreamers, with a conditional pathway to EARN legal status.

Whereas, adequate border security, so that we know who is entering our country, is a matter of national security plain and simple; and

Whereas, there is currently no effective legal pathway for unauthorized immigrants who have resided in the US for longer than 180 days to EARN legal immigration status; and

Whereas, the American economy is currently at 3.9% unemployment, and the baby boomers generation is currently leaving the workforce and entering retirement; and

Whereas, Texas business leaders are struggling to find workers to meet their needs, inhibiting them from experiencing optimal rates of expansion and economic growth; and 

Whereas, Dreamers are by definition young, law-abiding (except for their immigration status), contributing members of our economy whose educations we have already invested in and who have recently joined or are currently preparing to enter the US workforce; and

Whereas, On September 5th, 2017, President Donald J. Trump rescinded DACA, the executive order that gave Dreamers conditional legal status, and asked Congress to “legalize DACA” through legislation by March 5th, 2018; and

Whereas multiple polls have shown the majority of the American people support legislation that would secure the border and provide Dreamers with a conditional path to legal status; therefore,

We urge Congress to modernize our immigration system in a way that increases our national security, benefits our economy, and does right by the people who call America home. We urge Congress to work together and pass a bill that allocates the needed resources to adequately secure our nation’s borders and provides Dreamers with a conditional pathway to EARN their legal immigration status so that they can continue contributing to our economy.

May God move you to work with your fellow members of Congress and President Trump, and support sensible immigration reform. The time is now!


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