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Bipartisanship is Needed to Pass Immigration Reform

Immigration legislation requires both parties to pass anything!

It also requires a signature from President Trump.

Recent bipartisan efforts to pass the Farm Workforce Modernization Act in the House have been successful. Praise the Lord!

By combining reformed E-Verify for the ag sector and a conditional method for workers to earn legal status, the House of Representatives managed to reach a consensus and pass the Farm Workforce Modernization Act.

The level of bipartisan support demonstrated in the House suggests that this bill could pass in the Senate. All of the reps from Idaho and Alaska (Republicans) voted for the bill. Therefore it is possible that their four Republican senators will support the bill as well. If the 47 Democrat and Independent senators vote in favor of this bill, only four more Republican votes would be needed.

Please encourage Senators Cruz and Cornyn to support this bill!

Our senators could add construction and hospitality. Why not?

They could also add more funding for border security, thus giving President Trump more reasons to sign the bill!

Please contact our senators and ask them to support this reform.

God bless you, and may He continue to bless America.


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