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Rational Middle Videos Examine Broken Immigration System

Our lawmakers talk a lot about our broken immigration system these days, but they have not been productive in fixing it. The latest liberal talking point is to call for abolishing ICE. Meanwhile, this past spring we saw that NOT even President Trump's support was enough to get Republicans in the House to find enough consensus to pass an immigration bill. So, the immigration debate just becomes a bunch of campaign talking points while very little, if anything, has been done.    

We need better discussion and less volume. I am impressed with the Rational Middle and its efforts to elevate the debate about immigration.    

This group has produced a short film series that tries to grapple with these immigration issues in good faith to elevate the conversation and get us closer to reaching a consensus about fixing our broken immigration system. The videos are high quality. They did their homework and avoided the toxic talk that many immigration "discussions" often become.

Three videos have been released so far. I highly recommend watching them and forwarding them to anyone you know who has an interest in this topic.


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